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Interesting Stats On Google User’s Search Behavior

Interesting Stats On Google User’s Search Behavior

google search statsIn only recent years has Google released a number of tools for SEO and content marketers to understand the behavior of searchers. In order for marketers to properly reach their target audience, it is essential to understand the changing behavior of searchers, as well as the changing nature of search itself.

The behavior of searchers in 2017 is revealed in these amazing statistics.

Google Searches Every Month

Based on T-Distribution scaling analysis, it is thought that there are anywhere between 40 and 60 billion searches on in the United States every month. Worldwide, Google claims that they process as many as 2 trillion searches every single year.

The Jumpshot and T-Distribution scaling analysis method can’t calculate quite as many searches as Google claims. This is because voice searches made through Google Now, Google Home, iOS and other virtual assistants cannot be tracked using this method.

Length of Each Search Session

From the beginning of the search query, to the loading of the results page, users will typically spend just under one minute reading results and analyzing the information provided in the search.

Users Who Search Every Day

Interestingly, research obtained by Jumpshot through October 2016 shows that just 15% of users perform at least one search query in a day. 45% of users performed at last a single search query every week, while 68% performed one or more queries in a month.

Do Searches Mean Clicks?

Google is attempting to reduce the amount of ‘clicks’ required to find information in a search. As a result of providing more information on the first page of a search, only 66% of search queries now result in a click. This means that 34% of all searches do not result in any clicks, meaning websites much use Google systems to provide information about their site either through meta data and other personalized elements of search.

How Successful are Paid Listings?

Paid listings appear at the top of many Google searches, but distinct search queries in Google only lead to 3.4% of people clicking on an AdWords paid link. When the figure is expanded to all search queries, the amount of people clicking paid links drops to just 2.6%.

How Successful are Personalized Gmail Listings?

After searching in Google, users can be presented with links to their Gmail account, assuming they are logged in. Jumpshot calculates that as little as 0.16% of search clicks go to Gmail after a query.

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