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How Voice Search Is Changing The Game

How Voice Search Is Changing The Game

Five Ways Voice Searching Will Change SEO This Year

Search engines are changing. The traditional search engine will never disappear, but more people are relying on their phone, tablet, virtual reality and home systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo, to provide them with information they need.

Whether it’s asking for weather or traffic updates, the way we search has already changed – and in 2017, it’ll change even more. These are the five ways that search will change this year.mobile

1. Mobile Search Gets Bigger

People access the Internet on mobile devices more than they do standalone computers. This huge change in the way we use the Internet means that search engines are adapting, providing on-the-go information about nearby businesses and other location-dependent knowledge.

SEO specialists now must use Google’s mobile-friendly test to see if their websites are prepared for this new world of search.

2. Greater Keyword Competition

Keyword competition is increasing, and the way we use keywords is shifting. Using tools like Rank Tracker, marketers can find out which keyword combinations are more natural sounding, and which have the least competition. With mobile and voice search, users now use natural-sounding phrases to get the information they need.

3. Prepare for Questions

Voice search also means that users are turning to questions when searching online.

Instead of choosing a set of keywords, users may explicitly ask a question. Marketers and SEO specialists must understand how drastically this changes how we prepare our websites for users and search.

4. Location Matters

Location is more important for SEO than ever. Mobile phone users are using search engines to find out information about local businesses. Search results include reviews for nearby companies, giving people the information they need on the fly, before they make a purchase.

Google also uses a ‘My Business’ system, which allows companies to update their details and provide real-time information to searchers. Photos matter for websites now, too, as Google and other search engines will display images for their company when a user makes a location-dependent search.

5. Virtual Assistant SEO

Siri and Google Now allow users to search using their voice on their phone, but standalone virtual assistants are also becoming popular. Amazon Echo and Google Now are standalone units designed for use in the home, with users interacting only with their voice. Google understands how huge this change is, and how this technology will become more prevalent in 2017, and is adapting its algorithms accordingly.

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