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Holiday And Weather Impacts On SEO

Holiday And Weather Impacts On SEO

weather SEOHow Seasonal Trends Affect Your SEO and Website Traffic

From Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, to Christmas and Thanksgiving – the holidays we enjoy throughout the year can have a substantial impact on your website’s traffic.

In order to maintain the best website traffic and performance, it is important to understand how user behavior changes depending on the season. There are multiple ways to identify holiday and seasonal behavior changes, including official features from Google.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that allows marketers to visualize behavioral changes depending on time. Using Google Trends, it is possible to show search interest over given periods of time, and compare keywords to see which one is most successful at different times of the year.

Users can also narrow down search locations, and identify any search interest according to kinds of queries.

Google Keyword PlannerSt Patricks Day SEO

The Keyword Planner can be used to identify the most high-level trends. Enter in a number of search terms, and the Keyword Planner will suggest any other terms that are related and could provide more traffic.

The planner also makes it possible to compare keywords, measure general competition and identify trends that can most benefit a website’s traffic.

Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console, it is possible to examine which seasons in the year are most popular for your website. Google’s Search Console offers a Search Analytics report that includes information about how many clicks you have received over the last 90 days (and through other custom time periods), and allows you to compare this information based on the time of year. Performance is also ranked, making it immediately clear through data and visuals how well your SEO strategy has worked.

By linking a Search Console account to a Google Analytics account, it is possible to combine keyword-level data, giving you an even greater insight into your performance and behavioral changes throughout the year.

How to Use Analytics

Analytics data obtained through these three Google services is what makes it possible to analyze performance throughout the year. Looking at keyword performance at different times of year allows a user to spot trends.

This can be done by reviewing general Y/Y traffic, looking at high-traffic times which are automatically highlighted by Google, and considering the reasons why these behavioral changes may occur.

Performance insights also make it possible to see which holidays result in the highest conversions for your website.

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