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In only recent years has Google released a number of tools for SEO and content marketers to understand the behavior of searchers. In order for marketers to properly reach their target audience, it is essential to understand the changing behavior of searchers, as well as the changing nature of search itself. The behavior of searchers in 2017 is revealed in these amazing statistics. Google Searches Every Month Based on T-Distribution scaling analysis, it is thought that there are anywhere between 40 and 60 billion searches on in the United States every month. Worldwide, Google claims that they process as many as 2 trillion searchesRead More →

Content marketers and SEO specialists can learn about how SEO will change in 2017 by looking at how it shifted in 2016. Over the past year, there have been multiple changes that we can learn from, and lessons that can be used to improve SEO performance in 2017. We’re already a few months in and the lessons of 2016 show us a lot of what’s to come. Content Marketers Are Getting Better Content marketers are getting really good. In 2016, 62% of B2B content marketers and 63% of B2C content marketers reported that they had been ‘somewhat more successful’ or ‘more successful’ than a yearRead More →

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How Seasonal Trends Affect Your SEO and Website Traffic From Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, to Christmas and Thanksgiving – the holidays we enjoy throughout the year can have a substantial impact on your website’s traffic. In order to maintain the best website traffic and performance, it is important to understand how user behavior changes depending on the season. There are multiple ways to identify holiday and seasonal behavior changes, including official features from Google. Google Trends Google Trends is a tool that allows marketers to visualize behavioral changes depending on time. Using Google Trends, it is possible to show search interest over givenRead More →

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Five Ways Voice Searching Will Change SEO This Year Search engines are changing. The traditional search engine will never disappear, but more people are relying on their phone, tablet, virtual reality and home systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo, to provide them with information they need. Whether it’s asking for weather or traffic updates, the way we search has already changed – and in 2017, it’ll change even more. These are the five ways that search will change this year. 1. Mobile Search Gets Bigger People access the Internet on mobile devices more than they do standalone computers. This huge change in the wayRead More →

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What Role Does Keyword Ranking Play in Modern SEO? Since the introduction of search engines, the use of keywords in web content have dictated where a website appears on rankings. Today, through ongoing updates to search engine algorithms, the role that keywords play has continued to change. While keywords still play a part, it’s much harder to ‘play the system’ and artificially rank sites higher than they should appear. The introduction of the Knowledge Graph is what has driven the offensive against keyword stuffing. This is a three-pronged method that helps users find what they’re looking for depending on the context of the language theyRead More →

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Revised March 7, 2017 First, what is a “Freelance SEO Copywriter”? This is fancy term for someone (or a group of people) that independently writes original content for websites. Usually website owners pay an SEO Copywriter per words written. Generally I’ve seen prices range anywhere from $5 per 1,000 words written to $200 per 1,000 words written. The cost has several variables which include the freelancer’s reputation, the subject matter, formatting and the website owners need for original vs. non-original content. As both a freelancer and website owner, I’ve found the most success in the $30-$60 per article range. These freelancers are generally the peopleRead More →

Internet Marketing has made a shift. Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last 2 years, you already know that ranking in google is not longer the only important part of an online marketing strategy. Sure, it’s still the top dog, but more and more social media sites like twitter, facebook, and tumblr are influencing google’s SERP’s. I found and interesting video to check out… [youtube id=”uoiZ1Ku7J3Y” width=”600″ height=”350″] If you want to learn more you can check out my recent Ezine article More →